epochmusic is based in Buffalo, NY. It’s home to the artists Family FUNKtion and the Sitar Jams, Naryan Padmanabha, Ravi Padmanabha, Omkara, and Purnima. The most common element among these acts is the willingness to explore ethnic rhythms and melodies, improvisation, collaboration, and pretty much whatever else can be thrown into the mix.

epochmusic is also home to two recording studios, one city and one suburban location. Both recording studios are a place of experimentation and creativity.
Family FUNKtion and the Sitar Jams is a psychedelic jam band from Buffalo, New York. Comprised of brothers Ravi, Aneal and Naryan Padmanabha, the trio plays blend of jazz, funk, tripped out dub reggae all with a mix of ethnic flavor. The trio’s instrumentation is sitar, drums, and bass with analog synth and other goodies. 
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Born into a family with roots extending from India to Ireland, Naryan's interests in music started at the early age of 8. He started playing basic Western instruments like drum set and guitar.  On these instruments, Naryan created music ranging from punk rock to folk and many places in between. 
During his teen years, Naryan began exploring his roots by traveling to India and soon learned the styles of Classical Indian music. Through his travels, he learned to borrow concepts and styles from many world traditions.  His main instruments are hammered dulcimer (santoor), sitar, and hand percussion.

Naryan has performed with and/or shared bills with Max Creek, Rob Wasserman, Toubab Krewe, The Heavy Pets, Consider the Source, Eric Crittenden, Joshua Geisler, Jonathan Hughes, Family FUNKtion and the Sitar Jams, and Ron Locurto. He has also recorded with the world renowned North Indian Classical vocalists V.J. Kichlu and South Indian percussionist T.S. Nandakumar.  Naryan has performed on over 15 independently released recordings and has toured the United States and Canada as a performer. 

Naryan is also the founder of epoch music located in Western New York. The label is dedicated to refined sounds and celebrates diversity through world traditions, electronics and all things unique. Naryan is also head engineer of epoch music's own recording studio, Ananda Kharakhane.
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Ravi Padmanabha is a percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, improviser/composer. His initial interest was in drum set which later led to a variety of world instruments. From an early age, Ravi was exposed to Indian Classical music. At age 18, he began his formal Tabla studies with Pandit Ananda Gopal, and later with Pandit Samar Saha of Calcutta. He then continued with Tabla Maestro Pandit Sharda Sahai. He worked for Trivini, an Indian Classical Music organization, which allowed him to meet and learn more about his rich musical heritage. While living in Buffalo Ravi spent many years performing in a wide variety of musical styles, including jazz, world, and experimental music. He has helped form many groups, such as Hylozoa with Steve Baczkowski on winds, Tala Rasa with Ron Locurto on guitar, and Omkara with Naryan Padmanabha on santoor and Aneal Padmanabha on guitar. Ravi has performed at Buffalo's Drum Day and Maelstrom Percussion Ensembles Master Drummers Program. In 1995 Ravi was diagnosed with a tumor in his ear called an Acoustic Neuroma. After successful removal of the tumor Ravi was left with little hearing in one ear. This condition has not hindered his musical ability,but has enhanced his awareness of sound and interaction with fellow musicians.
Since moving to NYC in August 2001, Ravi has performed in various groups including the Howling Makams, with Brandon Terzic and Tomchess. He has performed with many musicians including, Robert Dick, Willam Parker,Peter Kowald, Pauline Oliveros, Daniel Carter, Adam Lane, Blaise Siwula,Steve Swell and Bern Nix. Ravi has several unique recordings to his credit including "MOORSING" a CD that features compositions based mainly on the Moorsing (jaw harp/jews harp). In 2005 the Buffalo Suicide Prevention unit was formed with Mike Allard, Steve Baczkowski, Mike Hermanson, Leif Nicklas and Ravi Padmanabha. The units first release has captured the deep improvising history shared by all its members. 
In 2005 Omkara has collaborated with Josh Geisler to create a live soundtrack for a Projectile Arts film titled "Take me to the river".
In 2006 Ravi and fellow Buffalo Musicians performed in the William Parker Buffalo Orchestra which inaugurated the new Righteous Babe Records/Hallwalls performance space. Also in 2006 Ravi and NYC multi-instrumentalist Daniel Carter released "Nivesana".  Tom Chess and Ravi have recorded several  Cds  and have performed at the Rubin Museum of Tibetian Art (NYC)and the Museum of Natural History(NYC).
In 2008 Ravi and his two brothers  created a sitar jam band called, “Family FUNKtion and the sitar jams”.  They have released 2 CDs and continue to perform actively.
In 2010 William Parker formed the “Trance Quartet” with master double reed artist , Bill Cole with Steve Baczkowski and Ravi. The group has performed at Hallwalls and the John Coltrane Memorial concert series at Syracuse University.
In Indian Culture it is not uncommon for people to pursue such diverse fields as music and science. Besides music, Ravi has excelled in academics. He received a Doctorate of Dental Surgery, DDS in 1997 from the University at Buffalo Dental School.

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